[|]  root@Mr.Crooz  [|]

root@Mr.Crooz~ $Username : Mr.Crooz
root@Mr.Crooz~ $Password : *******
root@Mr.Crooz~ $LOGIN SUCCES!
root@Mr.Crooz~ $Say Hello To The World!
root@Mr.Crooz~ $ Mr.Crooz Was Here!
root@Mr.Crooz~ $FUCK YOU SYSTEM
root@Mr.Crooz~ $FIX YOUR SYSTEM
root@Mr.Crooz~ $Touched by Mr.Crooz
root@Mr.Crooz~ $Sorry Admin

Sorry Im In Your System
Hello World Im Mr.Crooz
Was Here

| Message For Me |
For you my teachers I am very grateful to you guys, thanks to you I can get this way, you are great...

|>Gretz To<|
Mr.L3gacy || Mr.Donuts || Mr.Duwinkz || T3R53NTUH || MRAF04

Thank To : || ALLAH || Ghost Hunter Illusion || N45HT || D704T ||

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