About Us

Drhelpesk is a digital healthcare services platform integrating to provide the benefit of convenience and best-in-class services through our cutting edge digital healthcare platform.

Why Drhelpdesk

  • India boasts 750,000 doctors and 1.1 million nurses, practitioner density is about one-fourth what it is in the U.S. and less than half that of China.
  • Majority of the country’s estimated 63 million diabetics and 2.5 million cancer sufferers haven’t been diagnosed yet, let alone treated.
  • Seventy percent of India’s 12 million blind people could be cured by a simple surgery—if it were available to them.
  • Build on the success of India’s medical tourism boom—a $1 billion business that is growing by 30% a year.
  • Majority of the people delay the visit to a doctor due to their negligence, work stress and timings that prevents in fixing an appointment with the doctor, travel, wait and the follow-ups involved in the process. These are vital statistics that highlights the need of an quality and affordable healthcare services taken closer to the people. Necessity spawns innovation. Here we are, providing an integrated healthcare platform that is built using emerging technologies to bridge the gap between the doctors and the people.

What we intend to do

Major Barriers in the healthcare industry

  • Geographic accessibility – Service(doctor) location and user(patient) location,
  • Financial accessibility – Cost of services and People’s resources/ willingness to pay,
  • Service availability – Availability of Healthcare providers and demand for services.
  • Quality of care.

At Drhelpdesk.in, we aim at providing health care services through any of our service channels to even the remotest places on the earth and ensure the healthcare care services are reachable easily with comfort using the technology and that should be absolutely FREE